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    This educational establishment has a long history of teaching children from the first to eighth grade in the traditions of high-quality Christian education. The school was created on the basis of the Catholic church and received full accreditation in January 1989. Since then, it has started to host students of beginner and middle school and offers them training, meals, and extracurricular activities after classes.

    St. John The Beloved School calendar has become even more rigorous after the Eagles club was launched in 1998. It is an after-school program for kids whose parents work till 6 p.m. and cannot take their children home earlier. It consists of doing homework, leisure time, and extracurricular activities to make children develop physically and mentally and contribute to their quality communication with each other.

    Also, from 2015, the school started to offer an Early Childhood Program for children of 3 and 4 years old. It was designed to prepare them for school, develop them in a spiritual community of the Catholic church, and help their transition from carefree childhood to pursuing education in school walls. However, to enter these programs, kids have to be taught to use toilets as pull-ups are not allowed according to school rules and consequences of using them may lead to exemption from school for failure to obey the rules.

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